Welcome to Admission

Your inquiries regarding placement for new students are important to us. We encourage those who have inquiries to contact our friendly Admissions Department for further information and/or to make an appointment to tour   the school´s premises and facilities.

Enrolment information

The admission process is as follow:

  1. Download and fill in the Application Form. .Please attach a copy of your child´s most recent school report card and exam results.
  2. Schedule an appointment for your child to sit for an entrance assessment examination.
  3. Within a week, you will be notified about the results and recommended Year Group for your child.
  4. Upon a successful assessment, the school will issue an Offer of Acceptance letter and provide an Admission Form for you to complete and submit to the school.

Fee Structure

  1. General
    1. There are 4 terms in an academic year.
    2. All Fees are non-refundable and non-transferable unless otherwise stated.
    3. The School reserves the right to change or revise the Fee Structure without prior notice.
    4. Fees Structure below do not cover examination fees, books, stationery, transportation, field trips, meals, uniforms and certain sport activities.
  2. Fee Structure
    1. Application fee: RM 200.00. This fee is non-refundable and payable upon submission of student application form.
    2. Assessment fee: RM 100.00. This fee is for students who have to sit for a written assessment before their admission to the school. The fee is non-refundable and payable before the student sits for the exam.
    3. Admission fee: This is a one-time fee and shall be payable upon acceptance for enrollment into the school and is non-refundable.
      • 1st Child: RM 4000.00
      • 2nd Child: RM 2000.00
      • 3rd Child (and subsequent child): RM 1500.00
    4. Security Fee: RM 2000.00 per student. This will be refunded when the student leaves the school provided a written notice of withdrawal is submitted one full term in advance.
    5. School fees. These are non-refundable and payable in advance before the commencement of each term. For Non Malaysian students, the School Fee will be 20% more.

Year 2024 Annual Fee, RM 2024 Fee per term, RM
Year 1 8,800.00 2,200.00
Year 2 8,800.00 2,200.00
Year 3 8,800.00 2,200.00
Year 4 9,064.00 2,266.00
Year 5 9,064.00 2,266.00
Year 6 9,064.00 2,266.00
Year 7 10,956.00 2,739.00
Year 8 10,956.00 2,739.00
Year 9 12,650.00 3,163.00
Year 10 17,160.00 4,290.00
Year 11 17,160.00 4,290.00
Year 12 18,500.00 4,625.00
Year 13
(0.5 Year)
9,250.00 4,625.00


  • All school fees and charges must be paid according to the school´s Terms and Conditions. Late payment will incur a surcharge set by the school to be applied on all outstanding fees and charges.
  • All fees are subject to annual review
  • All payments are to be make to Borneo Covenant Sdn Bhd
  • Payments can be made by cheque, bank draft, direct bank deposit, online banking and telegraphic transfer. Payments can also be made by credit card in person at the Finance Payment Counter.
  • Bank details :-
    • Payee: Borneo Covenant Sdn Bhd
    • Account number: 128-302-281-7
    • Name of Bank : United Overseas Bank
    • Bank Address: Icom Square, CT 160, Ground Fl, Block C, 93450 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia