A Day at Borneo

Day Primary Secondary
Monday 8.00-3.00pm 8.00-3.30pm
Tuesday 8.00-4.00pm 8.00-3.30pm
Wednesday 8.00-3.00pm 8.00-4.30pm
Thursday 8.00-4.00pm 8.00-3.30pm
Friday 8.00-3.00pm 8.00-4.30pm

At Primary level, a typical day is broken up into three sessions of two hours each with morning break times and lunch times. On two days each week our primary students will have the choice of many activities or clubs. This will extend their school day by one hour.

For Secondary students, their school day will extend for 30 minutes longer with extracurricular activities added on for two days each week.
Such involvement with their teachers and coaches will bring out other personal strengths that may not be evident in the classroom or labs.

Every day should be a day of purposeful fulfillment for each student, so that they look forward to next day´s personal challenges in whatever subject they study with their friends. Our aspirations are to utilize our excellent facilities to the full so that our students may cherish, later in their lives, happy memories of their school days and always with grateful thanks to their parents for affording them such educational opportunities.

Eating Well

We recognize our responsibility to provide nutritious and well-balanced meals to our students. Lunches will be offered daily at a marginal cost. We will ensure that these are good value for money with a different dish on offer from day to day.

For those students who take, for precise medical reasons, packed lunches with them when they arrive each morning, tables will be set aside for them in the school´s refectory.

Community Service

As firm believers in community social responsibility (CSR), we at Borneo International School encourage all students to actively engage in community service as part of their holistic education.

Students are encouraged to participate in a plethora of charity work and community events. Besides serving community needs, such activities help to instill in students a spirit of gratitude and appreciation for the world we live in, and aid the students in their personal development, making them aware of the need to give back to the community wherever and whenever needs arise.

Student voice

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